Plastic bowls, teaspoons and bag clips


Plastic bowl with lid PP 0.8 l

Are you looking for plastic container to store food or maybe take with you on trips? Do you want your pantry and freezer to be clean and well organized?

Plastic bowl Orpal is with his versatility suitable for all of the above and more. Further is its practicality shown in serving food at various events, picnics, excursions and similar occasions.

  • Serving capacity: 0,8 l [800 ml]
  • Full capacity: 1,09 l [1090 ml]
  • Diameter top/bottom: 148/80 mm
  • Height: 78 mm
  • Bowl colour: transparent, white
  • Lid colour: transparent
  • Material: PP – polypropylene
  • Pcs/bag: 10
  • Pcs/transport box: 110


Plastic teaspoon PS

Teaspoons Orpal are compact and suitable at serving coffee, tea, ice cream, desserts and other similar dishes.

Their production material is suitable for contact with food.

  • Length: 105 mm
  • Colour: crystal clear
  • Material: PS – polystyrene
  • Pcs/bag: 200
  • Pcs/transport box: 5.000


Clips for closing bags

The clips for closing bags are handy and useful for all, who need an easy way of closing the package (bags) and reclosing it after the use. The advantages of clips can mostly be seen in the household.

  • Colour: clear, red
  • Material: PS – polystyrene
  • Packing: 1 kg/bag (approx. 3.650 pcs)