Flashing street light Orpal


Flashing street light is used for marking barriers and obstacles on the road. It is made of special antistatic and UV resistant plastic.

The light is fastened on the supporting pipe in way that is protected against forced disposal. However it can still be moved in any direction by the means of the vertical axis. Built-in stroboscope bulb and excellent lens permeability provide outstanding visibility.

Electronics is designed for any connection from one to eight lamps. Can be powered by battery, transformer or in various combinations depending on model and purpose.


  • Lamp diameter: 190 mm
  • Lamp width: 105 mm
  • Body colour: light grey RAL 7035
  • Lens colour: yellow
  • Beats setting: 60 – 80 beats/min
  • Battery: 12V/70Ah
  • Transformer: 220V/16V/80VA
  • Pcs/transport box: 8

Possible combinations of connection and installation of flashing street lights